Bunch of Ideas

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Bunch of Ideas

Postby Furrtommy » Mon May 16, 2016 10:53 pm

Hello there,
Finally the forum is running again! Hooray!
Its completly empty... damn
Times ago i suggested some RPG elements for player/pnj interactions. Not something complete but a begenning I found very fun to toy with.
Katsuooo Had an eye over it but never got the time to continue checking it... Hope he is going well.
The stuff is still available if you want so. I have done some tweaks with it but not very much as the project was kind drowing...
It comes with a Xmind chart to summerise the data used and an excel files for the overall functions...
It is mainly a random encounter generator, using the player's race, stats and difficulty level to propose and resolve the random encounter.
It setup a situation and define if wether or not the player is able to handle the pnj...
It is really basic but i had tons of fun reading the descriptions it brings up.
The other point is the skills and techniques i try to put together for what i would like to find in this game as RPG stuff...
Hope you enjoy the episode guys, Take it easy... (Naaah im not Direwolf20!!!)
See ya

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Postby Furrtommy » Wed May 25, 2016 10:54 pm

One of the comments from the old Forum was the Player Character sheet:

The main idea was a big gold plated old mirror. When the player see its own image, data and values are accessible and tweakable when changing of level.
I have imagined it covered with pictures from favorite clients and post-its for special stuff, even bills still to pay.

The next step was to be able to access the player sheet from everywhere: So any mirror like surface would grant access to limited data such as changing some clothes or jewelry. why not looking onto your watch or smartphone to change your hair, every body doing such actually...

To be extended...

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Postby Furrtommy » Thu May 26, 2016 10:36 pm

Game difficulty

An important trait for game design is game difficulty witch is a separate thing from complexity.
How do the player want to be involved into the game?

Basic grade : The player interract with NPCs and earn Coins and Xp if he succeed to satisfy customers.

Advanced grade : The results of the meeting with a customer will varie upon the efficiency of the player to be the closest of the NPC needs. This should be considered as a comparison of some stats. The result is a the base reward modified according the efficiency (minus or bonus)

Realistic grade : Same as above but ALL stats of the player and NPC are taken into account. This could lead to extreme success ( player earm more cash and XP) to total failure (refound the npc up to Shame on the player and why not injuries...)

Thoses were based on the content of the previous public CatHouse game Alpha 1 v5 and v6...
The main topic here is give to the player the possibility to be highly involved or not into bringing pleasure to the customers.
Considering the player is canine and the customer is Reptilian, Base Stats are completly different
Lets say Canine are fast and straitgh forward guys opposed to Reptilian who are lazy but sensitive.
It will be very demanding to match the need of the customer considering the Realistic grade.
But hey, thats what we expect from a game, Challenge!

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Postby Furrtommy » Thu May 26, 2016 10:56 pm

RPG statistics

Well this is time for Complexity now.

A character is all about Physical and Intelectual abilities that define its Race and behaviour (mostly)
Here is some traits that could be of use :

Stamina : How long the player can last into an activity
Moaning : To stimulate or simulate or mimic pleasure sounds ( An dog that purrs??)
Bestiality : Range from Dominant to Submissive, influant onto looks, behaviour and so on
Cleverness : Player to notice some hints on NPC to find clues ...
Oral : A physical ability (obviously for all mouth activity or restriction) (try using a Gag ball...)
Sensuality : How to touch and use the body for rubs up to BDSM...
Favorite : The trait that make NPCs come back for you...
Barmaid : Don't know yet if it would be a Trait or a skill but deffinitly usefull to make customer happy...
Dexterity : How efficient the player can be with tools and or foreplays.
Fashion : Access to more game content and luxuries.
Strip tease : The art of creating lust ( that shloud please to Wolfx for making his models dance!!!)
Balance : A way access to more poses without being a mess..

This should cover plenty of possibilities in the game. Complete this list with your ideas also...

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