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Customizer Going Well!

Postby Delta » Mon Jul 04, 2016 11:02 am

News from the Patreon! Click here to see the post! [6/30/16]


Hey, folks! It's been a couple weeks since the advance release, so it's past time to check in and share a few goodies. Right now we're mainly focusing in on getting the customizer working for player/client models, as that has provided a lot of interesting challenges for us. We've got a small preview of what that will be able to offer coming up for our patrons, as well as our first desktop wallpaper, featuring April!

The customizer system is our attempt to put as much power as we can in your hands to create a personalized character, maybe even eventually one with a striking resemblance to your own fursona. We'll also be using this system to get our upper-level supporters' characters into the game as clients, and to generate a series of regular clients besides. So far the system looks really promising, with a lot of options for changing body style as well as size to match your personal tastes.

Besides that, we've been looking at developing more of the Cathouse itself to give you more rooms to walk around in, and hopefully make for a more interesting environment all around, as we've been developing a lot of important tools to help us retexture our environment easily and make changes in the future much easier and faster. Also, we're looking into options to possibly offer updates in much smaller "patch" files for everyone to download, so you don't have to download the entire game every single time we update.

But the bulk of our work at the moment is still focused on the customizer, and I think that work is gonna shine when you guys can finally get your hands on it! For now, enjoy the previews and the new background, and keep an eye out for more news coming soon! Thanks for your support, everyone!

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